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4 places to visit that are only 1 hour away from Budapest

The list includes four places to visit that are just an hour away from Budapest.

Prostitutes and secret clauses: 5+1 perplexing myths about the Treaty of Trianon

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5 Hungarian songs that were sampled by well-known foreign artists – VIDEOS

Many Hungarian songs were sampled by foreign artists, especially in the last 20 years. Here is a list of some of them.

The resentful Ice Saints and quirky Urban’s Day folk traditions in Hungary

When the Ice Saints have gone, good weather is to come, and you can finally plant your seeds for the summer. Similar folk traditions are related to the end of May. Have you heard any of them before?

5 fun facts about the Hungarian pálinka

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7+1 books from contemporary Hungarian writers you have to read

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5 popular destinations in Hungary haunted by ghosts

Could you have guessed that these popular places were all haunted by ghosts?

Exciting programmes for Pentecost in Hungary 2024

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Irresistible snacks at Lake Balaton: The secret behind fried hake and the best ice cream

You must try these special delicacies at the beach! #LakeBalaton #food #beach #hekk #fish #icecream #lángosh

Here’s how to use the flower of May in your cooking: 4 recipies with elderflower

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5+1 most beautiful caves to discover in Hungary this summer

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Where is the best place for vacation in Hungary

Sponsored content Thanks to its location in the heart of Europe, bordering some of the most beautiful European countries, Hungary is a versatile holiday paradise that […]

PHOTOS: 6 small symbols of Budapest

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Abandoned for eternity: 5 spooky places in Hungary – PHOTOS, VIDEOS

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5+1 MORE fun facts about Hungary – Some may come as a surprise

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5+1 fun facts about Hungary – Some may come as a surprise

What is your favourite thing about Hungary? #Budapest #thermalwater #culture #language

Hungary’s sporting stars: Icons of the past and present

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Escape to nature: 5 magical parks in Budapest – PHOTOS

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Hungary’s canine favourites: Exploring the top 5 beloved dog breeds

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Saint George’s Day in Hungary: folklore about witches and customs related to the beginning of spring

Saint George’s Day: from putting the animals out to graze to witches and hexes. Here is the Hungarian folklore related to this day.