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3 easy Hungarian desserts for your busiest weekdays – RECIPES

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Exclusive Interview with Hungarian TikTok Sensation Livi

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This year’s Busójárás in Hungary promises to be bigger than ever – programme guide

Busójárás 2024! Bidding farewell to the gray winter and welcoming the breath of spring can only be done in one right way, according to the inhabitants of Mohács. Come with us to witness the Busójárás! #folklore #busójárás #Mohács #culture

Lake Balaton’s special ‘Greek village’ demolished – this will be built in its place

Have you ever heard about the Greek village of Lake Balaton? #LakeBalaton #Balatonfüred #partytown

PHOTOS: Monastery turned into gorgeous hotel and restaurant in Western Hungary

In Sopronbánfalva, you enter a special world when you step into the monastery built against the church wall. #sopron #monastery #hotel #restaurant #history

PHOTOS: Stunning castle of Buda Castle District to take on its final appearance soon

The exterior of the new Red Cross headquarters will take its original form this year, and the building will serve as an office. #budapest #buda #castle #renovation

A Tribute to John von Neumann: The Math Genius Who Changed the World

Neumann János Lajos, better known as John von Neumann, was born in Budapest in 1903.

7 fascinating things you wouldn’t guess about Hungary!

Did you know that Elvis Presley was granted Hungarian citizenship, we have a mummified king, a record-breaking synagogue and the founders of Hollywood hail from here? #history #wine #hollywood

Odd Hungarian New Year’s customs and traditions

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Hungarian New Year’s foods for good luck – RECIPES

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The first Hungarian to conquer the skies in a plane of his own manufacture

Curious about the first Hungarian to defy gravity in 1910? ✈️

The 8 Best Places to Visit in Hungary

Learn about the best places to visit on your maiden trip to Hungary. They include historical sites, museums, and the largest church.

Iconic Hungarian sweet turned world-famous: Macskanyelv, or Cat’s Tongue

If you grew up in Hungary or you visited the country in the 70s-80s, you may have heard or even tried the Hungarian sweet called macskanyelv. #sweet #chocolate #history

Here’s how a Hungarian scientist saved two Nobel Prizes during WWII

Who would have guessed that dissolving the Nobel prizes would actually save them? #history #Nobelprize #WWII #Hevesy #science

First image of Hungary’s Holy Crown found in a Medieval German codex

Hungary's Holy Crown was never just a crown. It has always symbolised the unity of the nation and the country. #History #HolyCrown #Germany

Here is how Hungarians saved Poland from total annihilation

The historic friendship between Poland and Hungary stands as one of the oldest alliances in Central Europe. #Poland #History #Soviet #BattleofWarsaw #Warsaw

Old Hungarian Christmas traditions you might be unfamiliar with

These often forgotten customs bring a touch of nostalgia to the holiday season. ✨🎄

Photos: Lovely Advent happenings at the Hungarian Children’s Railway

It's become a regular tradition to make the carriages shine at the Children's Railway in the winter time. This year, there will be some new additions too!