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INTERVIEW with Hungary’s Special Ministerial Envoy: we disagree with most of our neighbours on minority issues

We interviewed Ferenc Kalmár, Hungary's Special Ministerial Envoy for Neighbourhood Policy Development. #minority #interview #DNH

PHOTOS: Georgian artist celebrated in Budapest with art therapy

Among others, the heads of some diplomatic missions took part in the event #Hungary #Hungarian #art #diplomacy #dailynewshungary #media

Business Golf 2023: an exclusive event where it’s all about golf and fun

Golf, an exclusive audience and excellent weather completed the Business Golf event in Bükfürdő, Hungary. #hungary #dailynewshungary #golf #sports

Canada Day 2023 in Budapest

A large crowd gathered in downtown Budapest to celebrate Canada Day 2023, organised by the Embassy of Canada, on 29 June 2023. #dailynewshungary #hungary #canada #canadaday

Exclusive interview with Tunisia’s Foreign Minister: the key solution to curb migration is not border security strengthening

We've discussed Hungarian-Tunisian relations, both political, economic and cultural. And we've also touched upon the issue of migration and the possibilities of an upcoming direct Tunis-Budapest flight..... #DailyNewsHungary #Hungary #Tunisia #interview

VIDEO: A plane crashed in Sweden, Hungarian passengers did not survive the tragedy

A small plane crashed in #Sweden and its two Hungarian passengers were found dead...

Hungarian Summit 2023 in Budapest: strengthening Hungarian-American relations in higher education and business

American officials, business and university leaders came to Hungary - Hungarian Summit 2023

Batumi, the four-season Georgian tourist destination, presented in Budapest

#Batumi and #Adjara welcome people of all ages and interests who are open to Georgia's rich culture and tourist attractions.

British monarch Charles III will pay a private visit to Romania and Szeklerland in June

The British royal family also has Hungarian roots in Transylvania:

More than twenty Hungarian soldiers injured in Kosovo, seven seriously – VIDEO

Hungarian soldiers also took part in the #Kosovo riot

Szombathely becomes Hungarian men’s basketball champion for the fifth time

Congratulations, Falco, congratulations Szombathely!

President Novák’s Facebook post about the Szeklers outraged Romania

"Don't let Transylvania be lost, our God" - "Ne hagyd elveszni Erdélyt, Istenünk"

Construction of the new National Gallery in the City Park could start in a year or two

A magnificent museum building will be built in the City Park if...

Video, photos: huge explosion in the inner district of the capital, one dead

Five people left the damaged old apartment building:

Four huge and brand-new boats are berthed on the Danube, all preparing for Lake Balaton

The number of party boats departing from the ports of Keszthely and Balatongyörök will be increased, and... #lakebalaton #balaton #bahart #tourism #danube

Photos: a dazzling aurora shone over Hungary

Hungary was treated to an unusual celestial spectacle on Sunday night #dailynewshungary #hungary #space

Interview with Anthony Radev, President of Corvinus about model-changing, foreign students and new campus

Anthony Radev, the president of one of the best-known Hungarian universities #Corvinus spoke about the new campus, the model change, foreign students and much more

VIDEO: a foreigner is injured in a car crash in downtown Budapest

The scene was filmed by a resident opposite - VIDEO

Cluj International Airport to be expanded to cope with high passenger numbers

Great news for travellers: Transylvania's largest airport has been facing congestion problems for years - now, this will change. #kolozsvár #erdély #cluj #transylvania #romania

Easter raid: more than 120 drivers had their licenses taken away in Budapest

The Hungarian police closed the Petőfi Bridge, among others, to detect drunk drivers: #hungary #dailynewshungary #budapest #easter #police