Foreigners try to speak Hungarian for the first time – VIDEOS

Foreigners Speak Hungarian Külföldiek Magyarul Beszélnek

Many people think that Hungarian is a tough language to learn. Some even say it is among the top 10 most challenging...

upsides of living in hungary

The upsides of moving to Hungary – Video

Moving to a new country is never easy, so theoretical and practical preparation is usually advised beforehand. If you...
szájer fidesz mp scandal

Szájer sex scandal – the former Fidesz MEP is still in touch with the organiser of the orgy

The organiser of the Brussels orgy resulting in the political...
Hungarian Hunter threatens dog-walker he will shoot him dead on the spot – VIDEO
UN Human Rights Council must be non-political, impartial, says Hungarian minister – VIDEO
TikTok’s young “Hungarian Messi” already has more than 3 million followers
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