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Do Hungarians really eat unhealthier than people in the US?

According to a biochemist from Cornell University, Hungarians may have unhealthier eating habits than Americans. #Hungary #USA #food #gastronomy #dailynewshungary

4 simply delicious Hungarian recipes with pálinka

Not only does pálinka keep you warm on autumn days, but it is also fantastic for cooking. Check out these delicious Hungarian recipes! #Hungariancuisine #recipes

33 years ago today, Hungary tore the first hole in the Iron Curtain – PHOTOS

The September ‘89 events are often considered the first cracks in the Iron Curtain.

Cheaper food prices in Greece than in Hungary? – PHOTOS

Currently, Hungary has the third-highest price increase when it comes to food. Let's examine whether Greeks are doing any better! #food #supermarket #Greece #Hungary

10+1 signs you are definitely Hungarian – or Hungarian at heart

Weird food choices, champion complainers.. Check out our funny compilation of little traits that make us quintessentially Hungarian. 

The history of fireworks in Hungary

Warming up to the State Foundation Day on the 20th of August, let’s look back at the history of fireworks in Hungary. #Hungary #history #August20