The mantra of hassle-free travel is good planning and this applies to every trip that you take but works the best when you are traveling to a foreign country. From getting visa to booking hotels to taking international travel insurance, if everything is planned well, you can expect a successful journey. Therefore, we are here discussing top 10 things that you should do before traveling to any foreign land:

  1. Cross Check Your Passport and Apply for Required Visas: Forgetting passport expiry date is common. Therefore, it is suggested to check your passport’s expiry date before planning a trip to a foreign country. Addition to that, it is also recommended to check the visa requirement of the visiting country. Some countries have the provision of on arrival visa whereas some countries have the requirement of filing visa previously. So, check the visa requirements and your passport’s expiration date before traveling.
  2. Check the Travel Warnings: Before traveling to a foreign country, it is suggested to refer to the travel alerts and travel warnings given by the state government of that country before planning any travel there. 
  3. Stock Up the Medicines and Get Yourself Vaccinated: Depending on where you are going, you may need to get the special vaccine or stock up some medicines as a precaution against different diseases. You can check the internet for more details regarding vaccinations and medicines. In addition to this, it is always good to carry an extra set of regular medicines that you take. This tip is recommended if you are traveling to some remote destination.
  4. Manage Your Finances Properly: Before traveling to a foreign country, it is always good to prepare yourself financially. Talk to your bank for credit card limits and accessibility in the country where you are traveling. Know the exchange rates and be aware of the cost of essential things there. This will give you a basic knowledge about your spends in that country.
  5. Get International Driving Permit, if Required: If you are going to a foreign country by car, then you must have a valid permit to drive there. Moreover, if you want to rent a car and drive it there (foreign country), then also it is essential to have a valid driving permit. Additionally, some countries require valid car insurance. Insurance is required when you are driving your own car and for rented car driving car insurance is the headache of the owner. There are various online travel insurance plans available and you can select one as per your requirements. It is also good to familiarize yourself with the local driving laws of the country of travel. You can search online or contact the embassy of the country for understanding driving laws. 
  6. Keep the Copies of Travel Related Documents: Documents such as passport, air ticket, trip booking details, hotel booking details, and other travel reservation related documents are the must-have while traveling. It is suggested to have the copy of your passport and keep it separately. Moreover, copies of visa and all the other travel related documents are also necessary. It is the best to keep the digital copies of all required documents and keep the password of your electronic device such as mobile phone, password protected. 
  7. Keep all the Gears of Your Electronic Items: Keep the charger of your mobile phone, digital camera, tab, laptop, etc. with you. In addition to this, keep the adaptors that can fit the chargers in foreign sockets. The best buy for adapters is buying one that can fit in different sockets and has different settings. It is also recommended to check the electronic current’s strength of the country where you are traveling. If any of your electronic gadgets have a higher or lower current requirement, then you may need to purchase a transformer for the same.
  8. Get to Know the Exit and Entrance Fees: Despite the requirement of optioning the tourist visa, it may be required to levy exit and entrance fee against your visit. Therefore, it is suggested to know the entrance and exit fees of the foreign land where you are traveling. You can check these fees online through the website of the consular information program as it is the most reliable source for the same. 
  9. Try to Learn the Key Phrases in the Local Language: Learning the basic terms of the local language always helps in a foreign country. Terms like ‘Hello’, ‘Good Bye’, Where is the Washroom’, and ‘Thank you’ are some of the common terms to know in the local tongue. This requirement is to ensure your safety in any foreign land especially when you require help for your safety and health. If you do not find it comfortable to learn the foreign language, then you can keep these terms in writing with you. 
  10. Get an Efficient Travel and Health Insurance Policy: Most of the countries require its travelers to have a health insurance policy. So, if you have one, then you must check its international accessibility. In the same way, one of the easiest and most affordable ways to cover against any mishap during travel is an international travel insurance policy. The coverage and price depend on the insurance provider you opt for, but the basic idea is you get a refund in case of trip cancellation when it is cut short, postponed for any reason. 

Final Words

Traveling gives you pleasure and it becomes the best when you plan it properly especially when you are going to a foreign land where you are unaware of language and culture.

Following the above mentioned 10 tips for sure give you the biggest relief and keep you away from all unforeseen circumstances that can come to your way any day while traveling.

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