He’s only 13, but Dániel Kiss has already developed several apps for Android, origo.hu writes. The boy from Miskolc donates the money earned to UNICEF. His latest project is an e-register where students can monitor their progress in the different subjects.

Kiss Dániel created his first game in 2014. The C3 Foundation held their <19 computer competition for the 12th time that year, where computer-based programmes could be submitted by anyone under 19. The then 12-year-old boy entered the competition, and won. The winning game was made with the PowerPoint presentation making software. The player has to arrive from the red dot to the yellow star on a green path where rotating arrows obstruct the way.

“Looking back, it was quite lame, but at least it’s mine. A year later, in 2015, I still thought there was potential in it, and I made an upgraded PowerPoint Game Pack but that one didn’t win,” said Dániel Kiss. “If it had won, I would never have started developing apps.”

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The idea came this February, and Dániel began to learn, thought YouTube videos and tutorials, how to develop an Android app. He’s using the Unity3D game engine, which has a huge community around it.

Half of the ad revenue he earns from his games goes to the charity organisation UNICEF. “I’ve read it that they help refugees, and they also work directly at the source, that’s where the idea came from.”

There are no in-app purchases, the money comes from the ads placed in the games, but after playing for a while, these disappear as well.


His latest app is an e-register for students, which stores the manually added/ grades, and calculates their average/s. Students can follow their progress, see if they need to concentrate on some subjects more, and the app also help students applying for secondary schools or higher education.


He has also released three games, with the fourth one coming this September. In Pota-tales, you play as a sentient potato who wants to escape DanDonald’s kitchen to avoid getting fried. You have to run and jump to escape the lasers and the enemy. Navigating the game is quite easy. The goal is to get home, from the potato fields, through the kitchen, and even outer space. The game has 100 levels, and more than 500 people have downloaded it.


ColorBlinder tests your skills in distinguishing very similar shades of colour. For each good answer, you get an extra second, and for the wrong guesses, you lose one. If you run out of time, the game is over. The app has more than 1000 downloads to date.


In ShapeBlinder, the player has to find certain shapes on an empty screen. If you touch the right part of the screen, the phone vibrates.


His fourth game, PixelRush is coming in September. This one will be a 3D physical-logical game with more advanced graphics, and it will be available on Android for free.

Get the apps on Google Play.

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