If there has ever been a time when you thought about buying an air mattress, otherwise referred to as an inflatable mattress or air bed, that time should be now. You would have wondered of its uses at one point or the other.

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They may not be as big, or expensive as most other conventional mattresses. However, they are still built to bring a high level of owner’s satisfaction. They can also be used in many different scenarios, unlike the conventional mattresses we referenced above.

In this article, we will take a look at 6 of its most fascinating uses, but before then, let’s talk a bit about its benefits.

Benefits of Air Mattresses

Custom Firmness
One good advantage of owning an air mattress is that it offers an impressive firmness level that is only custom to it. You also have the option of seeing it firm or keeping it soft during and after each usage.

Back Pain
This is one of the most important advantages of owning an air mattress. The fact that it offers you the option to adjust the firmness to whatever level is comfortable for you is a signifcant benefit on its own for people that may be suffering from back pain.

The use of PVC material for the manufacture of this bed makes it odor-free. So, you will not find the nasty off-gassing odors that you will usually notice in most memory foam mattresses when they are new. It also doesn’t develop an unpleasant odor with continuous usage.

Better Durability
Compared to most other conventional beds, air mattresses can last longer. They also withstand tears mostly because of the hard-wearing PVC it is made of, and its ability to counter sagging issues.

Having talked about a few advantages of air mattresses, let’s now look at its uses.

Uses of Air Mattresses

Permanently Fixed Bed
It is no longer news that this kind of beds can function well when used as permanently fixed beds. In fact, using them as permanently fixed beds in your bedroom offers you a lot of health benefits.

Temporary Guest Beds
Looking for the perfect bed to pull out anytime you have a visitor? Well, an air bed offers you this functionality incredibly. It can be deflated when you don’t have a guest, and inflated when a guest comes, therefore, helping you save space.

Air Mattresses are the perfect types of mattresses to pack among your things when hiking or going on a long trip. They don’t eat too much space in your backpack, and come in handy once you are ready to sleep.

Camping Trips
Going with your friends to a camp many miles from home? An airbag has you covered. In fact, while looking at a review of the intex pillow rest raised airbed, we found that such beds can serve you anywhere and at anytime, without the need for additional pillows.

Medical Uses
This kind of mattress can often be found in hospitals and school clinics. They offer immense health benefits, so apart from their ability to save space, they are also often kept in places like this to offer instant relief from certain kinds of pains.

School Dormitories
We’ve also seen the airbed appear in school dormitories. They are, in fact, better than conventional beds for this use because students can deflate in the morning after every sleep to create additional space for doing other things.

There you have it, some very important uses of an air mattress. This mattress is gaining popularity for all the fascinating benefits they offer and guess what? They are also surprisingly cheap.

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