Recent survey by Gallup indicates that an increasing number of Hungarians – 63 percent – are disillusioned with the European Union; only 37 percent endorsed the globalist establishment, which is a 7 percent drop comparing to the 44 percent approval rate registered in 2008, reports.

According to the report, the lowest satisfaction rate was registered between 2012-2013 when only 26 percent endorsed the European Union.

The survey shows similar trends in most EU countries. In Greece (81%), Cyprus (79%), Spain (73%), the United Kingdom (71%), Sweden (70%) and the Czech Republic (70%) of respondents dissatisfied with the European Union.

In the 15-30 age group, 59 percent of Hungarians indicated dissatisfaction with the EU, which is a 12 percent increase comparing to 47 percent in 2008. In the 15-30 age group, the highest rejection rate has been registered in Greece, (81%) followed by Cyprus (70%) and Italy (66%).

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