Sopron Fő tér emlékmű Tűztorony

If you visit the city and want to try out something special, whether it is modern and exciting food, or something delicious and traditional, you need to step off from the typical tourist routes and wander a little bit.

1. Trattoria Bennan

The suburban parts of the city are a lovely hiking spot, but if for nothing else, it is worth to visit this place to spend your lunch. The Trattoria, – whose chef cooks authentic Italian dishes invoking the tastes of the province of Naples – opened in a hidden family house in the winding uphill street of Gesztenyés körút. The weekly changing menu offers a wide variety of ingredients, and the perfect cooking creates a beautiful harmony of flavours. Each ingredient is sourced locally, and their pizza is delicious.

Trattoria Bennan Étterem Sopron Bánfalva Kertváros

2. Bruckner Winery

One of the old traditional wine producing families’ new generation opened their own vinery inspired by the Heurigers of Wien. Yet, it has its own style, true to Sopron and its traditions, but in a modern fashion. Besides the family’s own wines, they serve wine-cocktails, lemonades, side dishes and cheese platters. They sometimes barbecue in the lovely backyard and every week you can taste the cake of the week. The cakes are prepared by the essence of the place, Bruckner Barbi. Among the authentic red-and-white wines of Sopron, do not forget to give some attention to the Kékfrankos Nuance, this year’s official wine of the city.

Bruckner Borászet Étterem Sopron Terasz

3. Hopsz Cafe& Grill

With a fresh and modern look and with matching indoor and outdoor spaces, Hopsz is attracting their customers. The new restaurant even serves breakfast, but it also awaits customers to a night of cocktailing or beer drinking. They lure in tourists with their daily menu and special Hopsz atmosphere; those who enter will then immediately experience the fast and professional service.

Hopsz Café and Grill Sopron Étterem Kávézó



4. Nina’s gluten-free eatery

If you are bored by cobblestone and jagged streets, you might need to consider taking a visit to the Western district of the city called Jereván, where Nina is happy to serve people with her gluten-free delicacies. The menu is changing daily, and the ingredients are hand-picked, making sure, that the result is as healthy as possible.

Nina Falatozója Sopron Étterem Gluténmentes

5. Csízműhely (Cheese Factory)

As a new-wave confectionery, this lovely place makes unique and peculiar cookie-creations. There are several fruit-based cakes in their range, but paleo, lactose and gluten free cakes are also among their specialities. The enthusiastic and young team does not only bake for people in Sopron, but their cakes are also available in Győr. “Naturally with love” is their motto.

Csízműhely Sopron Cukrászda Édesség


6. Moa

Directly next to the forest, this cosy restaurant with its shaded terrace is luring their customers in for a cool lemonade or a fine rosé. Not to mention their creative menu and elegant presentation. Their range is characterised by a wide variety of ingredients and exciting flavour combinations. The service is very polite and caring. The fresh and clean alpine air is not to be forgotten. It is even worth just for the atmosphere.

Moa étterem Sopron

7. Jégverem Fogadó (Ice Pit Guesthouse)

This restaurant probably has the most interesting background in the region. The place where it stands was previously an ’ice pit’ where they kept the ice and sold it to the people of the city since 1749. But when the method for making ice artificially was invented, the building closed. Eventually, in 1999, the building was renovated and transformed to serve as a restaurant and guesthouse. The original ice pit was also renovated, and it can be seen in the very middle of the dining area, and a special table around the pit can be reserved for larger groups. Still, this is not the only thing that the place is famous for. The secondary name is ’Haspártiak Vendéglője’, which means that it is a place for people with a big appetite. This place is recognised for the immense size of their dishes, but do not let this fool you, the flavour and quality of the food are also impeccable. The atmosphere is very cosy and homely, while the service is polite. So, if you are starving and want to eat something very delicious, this is the place for you. Oh! I forgot o mention; their menu card is hilariously funny!


Jégverem Fogadó Sopron étterem

Jégverem Fogadó Sopron étterem


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