Ernő hanged himself in Nagybereg (Velyki Berehy), Ukraine. He was one of the best students in the village. Despite this fact, two unfortunate things happened to him one day.

These things led him to commit suicide as a nine-year-old. According to Blikk, Ernő received a bad grade in school, and there were some behavioral problems as well.

His environment claimed that he was an apt pupil in Nagybereg. Though he was a straight-A-student, he received a failing grade. Later he was caught sending secret letters during a lesson, and the teacher threatened him with notifying his parents.

Ernő simply went home and hanged himself.

It is suggested that there is some connection between the occurrences in the school and the tragic event. The boy probably could not handle his bad grade and the rebuke of his behavior, so he put his life to an end. Ernő’s mother was totally shattered by this event.

“Their family is greatly acclaimed in Nagybereg, and we do not understand how this could happen to them. Ernő was such a nice and respectful child, and as far as I know, he did well in school. Everyone in this village is trying to figure out what could happen, what the problem could be from which he did not find any way out”, a local man told Blikk.

Blikk asked a criminal psychologist about the case. The expert said that

a sensitive child needs only a couple of negative feedback to make her feel that there is no reason to live.

The variety of the potential reasons is wide. Today’s standards shifted from evaluating the effort to demanding the good results. That is how many parents think, and this phenomenon often shocks and paralyzes the children. They often go to school with some basic knowledge — like reading and writing — and they do not learn how to struggle for a certain goal.

That is why they often give up after the first failure.

József Végh criminal psychologist claims that one of the most important tasks of the parents — besides not creating too high standards — is to make it clear to the child that everyone makes mistakes.

The death of Ernő shocked Nagybereg. He is being mourned by his family, friends, classmates and fellow football players.

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