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After reading the first news about the coronavirus, Hungarian virologist of the University of Pennsylvania, Norbert Pardi already knew an effective vaccine would be needed. One of his wishes now is a Covid-free new year.

Norbert Pardi is one of the researchers who – led by Katalin Karikó –, invented a new method with which the first authorised coronavirus vaccine was prepared, says Hirado.

According to the professor, the pandemic brought the development of messenger RNS based vaccines 5-10 years ahead. He says it is a costly procedure, but now an incredible amount of money and will was focused on different vaccine developments.

According to Katalin Karikó, the coronavirus vaccine only contains natural and plant-based ingredients – Origó says.

“The ingredients of the messenger RNS that we used is the same as what the human body produces in its own cells. The vaccine is completely natural, made of plant nucleotides. It does not contain any unknown substances, nor does it use cells or bacteria from animals.”

10 days after the first dose, it provides 88.9 % protection, and seven days after the second dose, it is 95 %. According to Karikó, tests prove that the vaccine is also effective against the different mutations of Covid-19.

She already received the vaccine and told El Pais, a Spanish newspaper that she is not afraid at all, but at the same time, it is understandable that some people have their doubts as this is the first authorised RNS based vaccine.

“I arrived back to the US from Kisújszállás (Hungary) at the beginning of the year, and then I had to go to Japan for another research project. We did not know anything about the coronavirus yet. I was waiting for my flight to Tokyo in New York when my wife called and told me there is a new virus, and whether we should do something about it.” – remembers Pardi.

“I did some research on the plane and I did the first steps in my hotel room. Not many people suspected back then that this will cause so much trouble.”

“I knew it right from the start that some vaccine will be needed against the coronavirus, that is why I started with it. But we could not tell back then that the virus will affect Europe and the US this much, and that it will change our lives like this.”

 “I was sure the vaccine will be fine and it will work.”

Pardi hopes he will receive the vaccine in January and that more and more people in Hungary will receive it as well. His wishes for 2021 include a Covid-free year and the ability for him to return to Hungary for Easter.

This is the vaccine that has recently arrived to Hungary and as we have earlier reported, the vaccination of Hungarian health-care workers has already started.

Source: Hirado, Origó

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