According to an online survey, at least a fourth of youths between ages 14 and 18 consume alcohol weekly. The research, which was done by the Szétcsúszva program, has revealed that 80 per cent of 15-year-olds have tried alcohol, and below 3 per cent of the 18-year-old participants have never had any drink.

The survey shows that the situation is worse in smaller settlements, where 60 per cent of young people have tried alcohol before even turning 14, while in Budapest the percentage is at least under 50 per cent, but still very high, reported Index.

About 50 per cent of high schoolers consume alcohol on weekends, but only if there is such an event where alcoholic beverages are served. About a fourth of them drink regularly on weekends, 7 per cent of them drinks more than once a week, while circa 1.5 per cent said that they consume alcohol almost daily.

41 per cent of those who took the online survey drink mostly spirits (pálinka, rum, vodka, etc.), those who mostly drink beer are around 30 per cent, and those whose preferred beverage is wine are just above 20 per cent. Girls like spirits better, while boys prefer beer.

Almost half of the surveyed say that they can relax better with alcohol; every fourth person in the survey says they only go to parties if they can drink. 60 percent of them feel like they know their boundaries, and what amount of alcohol will not be of any harm to them. Nearly a third of those who answered said they like the taste of alcoholic beverages. Above 20 percent feel like if they did not drink alcohol in the company of others, they would be the odd ones out.

Almost two-thirds of the surveyed have been hungover, and about the same amount have thrown up because of alcohol. Shockingly, about half of them has been black-out drunk, where they could not recall anything. Nearly a fourth of them feel that alcohol changes their mood to depressed and anxious. This is more common amongst girls.

“The survey verifies that the situation is terrible in the field of alcohol consumption among youths,” Gábor Zacher, toxicologist concluded. He believes the suppression of underage drinking should be put the main focus on.


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