On Sunday in Phoenix, Arizona, as reported by the Hungarian Government’s official website, the Ministerial Commissioner of the Government’s Ministry of National Policy stated that the Hungarian diaspora has living strength. On the Saturday beforehand Péter Szilágyi took part in the festivities of the locally organised Hungarian Heritage Day, which included folk dance and opera performances, and a gastronomic demonstration.

Szilágyi also said a speech at the event where they remembered the 1848-49 Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence. He welcomed attendees of Phoenix’s Hungarian Reformed Church on Sunday using and adapting the words of Hungarian writer Sándor Márai:

“Whether they live in Budapest, in the mountains of Csík in Translyvania, or in central Phoenix, Hungarians are united by a mystical connection.”

He thanked local Hungarians for their resilience and unity. He emphasised that the most important aspect to preserving Hungarian heritage is not the number of attendees, but the willingness of its members to maintain their Hungarian culture.

Szilágyi provided an update on the Hungarian Diasporic Council’s work and the programmes it sponsors.

“We live at the start of an age where us Hungarians can realise big targets, and just like in 1848, in May we have the opportunity to shape Europe’s future” he stated.

This year all Hungarians citizens living abroad can participate in the European Parliamentary elections, which could have a huge influence on the future of the European Parliament and the European Union as a whole.

“I ask all of you to show the world our bravery, which 171 years ago lifted Hungarians into the forefront of the international world” he said.

On the phone to MTI Szilágyi explained that its close-knit nature and unity amongst its members makes the Hungarian community at Phoenix unique compared to other diasporic communities; second and third generation Hungarians are learning their heritage language and soon courses will start for adults too. The Ministerial Commissioner appointed the main caretaker of Phoenix’s Hungarian Reformed Church as Hungary’s honorary consul to Arizona.

A week before his visit to the Grand Canyon State he stayed at San Diego’s Hungarian community, where  he also outlined the Hungarian Diasporic Council’s work.

After the conclusion of his American journey, Szilágyi emphasised the Hungarian communities’ perseverance, strength and their ability to nurture Hungarian heritage. “They have their institutions, schools, churches, and San Diego also has a Hungarian scout troop too” the Ministerial Commissioner told MTI.

As we reported in early March, the Hungarian Government has launched its schemes to support the Hungarian diaspora in 2019/2020.


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