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Tickets for the upcoming Hungary-Slovakia match were sold out within two hours and head coach Marco Rossi believes that the backing given by supporters can provide extra motivation for the team.

Hungary take on Slovakia on 9th September at the Groupama Aréna in their next UEFA Euro 2020 qualifier and head coach Marco Rossi believes that the relationship between the team and its fans has been better in the past few months than it has for a long time.

I’ve seen the players brimming with confidence in the national team over the past few months, which is great to see” Rossi told

Additionally, and which is at least as important, the team has won back the trust of the supporters. We crave qualification for Euro 2020 and victory against Slovakia just as much as the supporters, which is an unbelievable motivation for the team and everyone in the coaching staff. As I’ve said in the past, the match on 9th September is crucial in terms of qualifying for Euro 2020, which will of course be co-hosted in Budapest. Slovakia have very good players, as we saw for ourselves in our opening qualification match when we suffered defeat”.

The supporters play a huge role in the life and performances of the national team. According to Rossi, the wins against Croatia and Wales were possible because the supporters willed the team on to victory. This is exactly why he sees it as being highly important that the team can receive such support in every match they play.

I’m delighted that interest in the national team is so high that all the tickets for the Slovakia match were sold within a couple of hours. It goes to show how much the new national stadium – which will luckily be hosting the team by November – is needed.

Speaking from personal experience, I know that in a match such as the one against Slovakia, emotions can get the better of you. I have twice received suspensions since I’ve been Hungary head coach. I must pay attention against Slovakia that I keep my emotions in check and keep to the regulations when I lead the team from the bench. We shouldn’t forget that if results go our way, then ideally when we play Azerbaijan, we can have reason to celebrate. It would be horrible to not be a part of that if I were to be suspended.

I trust our supporters and that they would also like to be present at the Azerbaijan match, that they will keep within the rules when supporting us against Slovakia and minimise that chance of us receiving any punishment for the Azerbaijan match, because that’s another match where we’ll really need our supporters”.

In squad news, midfielder Ádám Nagy has left Bologna due to lack of playing time and has moved to English Championship side Bristol City. Rossi sees this as a positive move.

I think Ádám has made a good decision by signing for Bristol City.

They might be a second-division side, but the English Championship is undoubtedly the strongest second-level league around and puts many top-flights in the shade. How successful Ádám will be there depends solely on him as he has all the attributes needed to succeed. I know many are worried that the Championship will be too physical for him but although he has a slight frame, he is very dynamic and possesses the required physique. Many said the same about Zoltán Gera when he moved to England and we all know how successful he was there. His example goes to show that a slim player can be successful in the Championship or even Premier League. I’m not worried about Ádám at all. For the national team, the most important thing is that he’ll hopefully receive much more playing time than he did with Bologna”.

Marco Rossi will announce his squad on 26th August for the Montenegro and Slovakia matches with the players selected due to arrive at Telki on 1st September before travelling to Podgorica on the 4th for the friendly with Montenegro.


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