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Paris (MTI) – The Alliance of Hungarians in France (FRAMOSZ), a newly-established organisation aimed at strengthening cultural cooperation among Hungarian communities in France, held its second general assembly meeting in Lyon on Saturday.

FRAMOSZ was put together last year by five associations to help Hungarian communities in France preserve cultural traditions and retain their national identity.

The assembly’s closing statement said FRAMOSZ’s member associations agreed at the meeting to focus on helping future Hungarian generations in France preserve their native language and to jointly commemorate later this year the 60th anniversary of the 1956 anti-Soviet revolution.

The assembly was chaired by FRAMOSZ head Mercedesz Dabizs. Guests included Lilla Fourrier, president of French-Hungarian cultural association Alcyon, Chairman of the Board of the Public Service Public Foundation László Balogh, Duna Media Service Provider CEO Menyhért Dobos and János Havasi, cultural attache at the Hungarian embassy in Paris.

FRAMOSZ thanked the Hungarian government for the support it provides for the organisation of the associations’ various cultural programmes.


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