An ice cream flavour by a Hungarian confectioner won first prize at an international festival. The judges of the Gelato Festival Europa deemed the pistachio ice cream by Ádám Fazekas to be the best in the ‘new generation’ category.

According to Szeretlekmagyarorszag, a Hungarian confectioner won first prize in Rome for his ‘new generation’ pistachio ice cream. He ended up being the absolute winner of the Gelato Festival Europa held in Italy. As such, he will represent Hungary at the 2021 world championship.

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The winning ice cream flavour is called Frutta di Pistacchio. It is made with handmade milk and cream as well as Bronte pistachios and topped with raspberry sauce and a crunchy layer.

In Hungary, you can try it at the Fazekas Confectionery in Budapest. Here, ice cream is made from natural ingredients. In the Hungarian round prior to the final in Italy, Fazekas not only won his category but was declared the absolute winner of the competition.

In Rome, he surpassed a Dutch and a Swedish confectioner to bring the gold medal home.

The Gelato Festival is a travelling festival across Europe, Japan and the United States. They are looking for the best gelato artisan in the world. It is a huge honour that a Hungarian won the first prize in Italy, the home of gelato.

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