A Hungarian youth sci-fi called Aura will also be shown at the film festivals in Brussels and London. The Hungarian audience can see this independent film on 20th of April in Budapest – MTI reported.

The film makers noted that their low-budget feature film was shot without state support and it was presented firstly in Dunaújváros on 15th February. However, the international premier was at the Horrorant Film Festival in Greece in March where the Hungarian film crew got positive feedbacks. The Aura was directed by Zsolt Bernáth and all the main characters and actors are beginners in the film industry. The audience can see the movie in Budapest within the Hungarian film program series that will be held at the refurbished Tabán Kinotéka on 20th April. Later the sci-fi film will be on display at the Puskin Cinema’s repertoire.

Interestingly, the Aura is included in the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival competition program which is one of the biggest sci-fi, horror and fantasy film festival in Europe. As part of the program, the audience can see the Hungarian movie on 12th April in Brussels. After this the movie goes to London to take part in the Sci-Fi London Film Festival which begins on 24th April.


The MTI also added that the previous film of this independent crew called On Behalf of Sherlock Holmes was also successful. Moreover, the adventure movie was also made without state support. After being presented in 12 countries, including Hungarian cinemas and TV channels, the On Behalf of Sherlock Holmes is taking part in the Dubai Children’s International Film Festival between 24th April and 2nd May. The film makers intended to end the two-year-long festival tour of their movie with this Arabic film festival. Within the two years the film was presented in 15 film festivals of 14 countries. Moreover, it was awarded with the Best Youth Film Prize at the Stockholm International Film Festival last year!

Both the directors and the film crew hope that their latest sci-fi called Aura will also be at least as successful as the On Behalf Of Sherlock Holmes film. One of their aims is to be widely known among Hungarian film professionals and in the international film industry as well. They deserve the fame!

based on article of kulturpart.hu 
by Valentina Leanyfalvi

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Source: http://dailynewshungary.com/

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