Ádám Borics, Hungarian MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter recorded an exceptional victory against a much stronger opponent in the Madison Square Garden arena, New York.

As index.hu has reported, the Hungarian featherweight fighter nicknamed “The Kid” defeated wrestling junior world-champion Aaron Pico against all odds in the Madison Square Garden octagon. The match took place under the aegis of Bellator, the sport’s second most prestigious organisation.

Aaron Pico had been previously considered to be the heavy favourite due to his past in wrestling and boxing but Ádám 

defied all expectations and emerged victorious by delivering an extraordinary KO in the second round.

Pico, staying true to his wrestling past, intended to defeat the Hungarian fighter by taking him down and make him tap out on the ground. However, his tactics backfired as the constant attacks wore him out over time. Ádám saw an opening after tricking Pico into lowering his defences and

kneed his American opponent in the chin with enormous power.

Ádám threw another punch or two while Pico was down but that did not matter much. By turning this match around, Ádám Borics has recorded one of the biggest wins in Hungarian MMA history and officially announced his entry to big guns like AJ McKee or Patricio Pitbull. However, it will take some time to take those heavyweights on in an arena as his next fight will be against no other than “mini McGregor” James Gallagher.

Ádám’s case is exceptional in the sense that he is one of the only Hungarian MMA fighters who were able to transfer their success in Europe to the US.

Hungary, albeit being a small country, can boast many sporting achievements: you can learn about them here and here


Source: index.hu

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