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The Hungarian housing market is struggling: this is how it could be boosted

The number of new homes built and sold are at rock bottom, here's what could help. #Hungary #dailynewhungary #realestate

PHOTOS: Let’s discover the wonderful world of Kolodko mini statues in Budapest by bike!

The Kolodko mini statues tell unique stories about Hungary that you won't find in any textbook.. #Hungary #dailynewshungary

Incredible innovation at Wizz Air: plane fuelled with waste oils took off

Wizz Air is making a new step towards sustainability. #Hungary #dailynewshungary #wizzair

Hungarian policeman: I was fired for my political views

A former Hungarian policeman was fired for his political views and was also arrested at a student demonstration. #Hungary #dailynewshungary #police

Extension of Hungary’s busiest motorway in danger: traffic jams between Budapest and Vienna?

Hungary's busiest road will run at the maximum of its capacity for a further few years. #Hungary #dailynewshungary #traffic

PHOTOS: The masterpieces of Hungarian shoemaker won prestigious award

The Hungarian master cobbler's shoes are on the top of the world again. #Hungary #dailynewshungary #success

Record numbers: Non-EU guest workers flooding Hungary

A record number of foreign workers were employed in Hungary in 2022, but the labour market is ready to accomplish even more. #Hungary #dailynewshungary #labourmarket

Surprising announcement: will Hungarian motorway development completely stop?

The surprising announcement came just a month after the largest-ever upgrade of Hungarian motorways was announced. #Hungary #dailynewshungary #traffic

New conspiracy theory spreading quickly: Hungary does not exist; it is an American firm

Some believe that Hungary does not exist as a country. #Hungary #dailynewshungary #conspiracy

Major rule change on Hungarian roads: keep this in mind behind the wheel!

The Hungarian police is to give up some aspects of its lenient approach to this nationwide problem. #Hungary #dailynewshungary #police

PHOTOS: exquisite hotel opened next to Lake Balaton in Keszthely

Check out this new hotel during your next trip to Hungary to make the most out of your holiday! #Hungary #dailynewshungary #tourism

One of the largest archaeological sites in Central Europe lies near the Hungarian border

This site might make an interesting addition to your next trip to Hungary. #Hungary #dailynewshungary #history

Hungarian real estate prices still sky-high despite recent price drops

Despite some encouraging signs, real estate in Hungary is still crazy expensive compared to previous years: #Hungary #dailynewshungary #realestate

Hungarian secret service’s verdict: Viktor Orbán was wiretapped by the USA

The story made some rounds in the international press, however, the Hungarian secret service is not concerned by that. #Hungary #dailynewshungary #USA

The most famous Hungarian esport players

These Hungarian esport players have successfully represented the country in the online sphere. #Hungary #dailynewshungary #esport

LIST: These items have seen a huge price hike or drop in Hungary in the last 12 months

There are some surprises on the list, as not only food items are getting more expensive in Hungary. #Hungary #dailynewshungary #inflation

In this infrastructural field, Hungary is competing with Switzerland

This field has received rich investment since 2017 from the Hungarian government. #Hungary #dailynewshungary #railway

Brutal population decline: Hungarians are dropping like flies

The natural decrease is still huge in Hungary. The Hungarian population in Serbia also fell by a third. #Hungary #dailynewshungary #Serbia #minority

Hungarian specialty: trust foundations, not the state benefits from record profits

Trust funds will receive record dividends from the profit of Hungarian national firms. #Hungary #dailynewshungary #economy

Hungarian planes stuck in Ukraine warzone until 2029?

The planes of Wizz Air might have to stay in Ukraine for a lot longer than anticipated. #Hungary #dailynewshungary #WizzAir