According to budapest. hu, the reproduction of flamingos remains steady at their new place in the Budapest Zoo. The pink birds have been moved to the newly inaugurated Holnemvolt Park at the end of April. Till now already six baby birds were born, and even more are expected to come out of their eggs over the next days. said, due to the relocation there was a chance that this year’s breeding season may fall away. However it seems that the flamingos got used to their new runway faster than expected, and the birds are feeling there well enough to start nesting.

Natural habitats of pink flamingo species (Phoenicopterus roseus) may be found in the Americas, in Africa, South-Asia and Southwestern-Asia, the largest population live especially at river mouths, in shallow salt waters and lakes or along seashores. At present 131 birds constitute the flamingo population of the Budapest Zoo.

Photo: Zoltan Bagosi, Budapest Zoo,


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