The said that the situation is chaotic at the College of Music as Kupper András who was placed as a chancellor by the government said to everyone who had a managing position at the institution that he suspends their job.

This news was first said by; however, this classical music portal does not talk about suspension but withdrawn authority. According to the page, Kupper András and the institution’s professional leaders (the Vice Chancellor and the senate) had not got along well and in this week their relationship has become worse. As they said, the College of Music’s senate which consists of twenty members has unanimously voted against the chancellor’s proposal. His proposition, regarding the SzMSz, was withdrawn in the meeting by himself; therefore, it could not be voted (although it should have been created by the consensus by the end of February).

The thinks that Kupper András’ decision means that the managing members can only continue their job as commissioned governor. This final nomination can only happen by new application – the application; however, can only be addressed to an approved SzMSz member, since the new SzMSz means that certain organizational units have changed: therefore, new managing positions can be created.

One of the managing members reassured to the Fidelio’s news about the managing positions. Almost the same time, the chancellor was used ‘suspend’ instead of the’ withdrawn’; he said to suspend their managing positions which he said he has the right to do according to the law. The suspension has happened immediately.

According to the’s source, the next step will be that on Monday, a paper will be waiting for every leading member: they should sign it in order to be able to do their previous jobs but as a commissioned governor. The members who were involved had a contract with a specific time; however, the managing position ends when the new SzMSz is approved and after they have announced and approved the new applications. Therefore, to the people involved this Friday’s happenings could take it as a violation of the contract; the said that the leaders will read the contract carefully before signing it and they will get information about their rights. It could be possible that some of them deny signing the contract.

The has reached Kupper on telephone and he said: he waits for the questions in writing, but he will respond to them on Monday (even though he was asked for an early response); moreover, he stated that he writes a correction to the Fidelio but he denies telling which statements he had a problem with. The asked on e-mail what was the reason for suspending the leaders and what will happen on Monday at the College of Art.

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translated by Andrea Toth



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