We have already listed a few dishes on the bucket list of bizarre Hungarian foods from’s selection. Here you can find even more exciting dishes that you must try before you die.

Breakfast soup

A bomb of calories and fat. If you are looking for a breakfast that keeps you full until the afternoon, you have it! The sugary and buttered pieces of dry bread rolls are poured down with cocoa or milk coffee. The ideal tableware is a huge sheet iron pot.

Coagulated milk

Disgusting, jelly-like milk, never! One of the best summer dishes if cooled down. Which statement is true? We will find out after tasting coagulated milk!


Bread with grease and sugar

In the rural areas, it was not unusual to feed children with greasy bread on which they poured some sugar, too.

Doughnut baked in grease

A long time ago everything was baked in grease. Nowadays, oil is more popular, so it seems like a peculiarity. Truth is, anything baked in grease is better than anything baked in oil.


Melon with white bread

This dish is based on the exciting combination of salty and sweet. For the first try, it must feel strange, but some people are not willing to have the melon any other way.


The same category as the testicles of the cock, but can be found even more rarely.

Photo: Wikicommons by Susulyka

Leg of the chicken

The best part of the chicken soup, if put in it. It is like pettitoes, but smaller. It can become the object of a family debate on who can have it…

Lung soup

This sour soup is the best friend of a hungover stomach. Eaten with lemon and laurel, it is godlike.


Grated liver

One of the perfect manifestations of the liver. Too bad that most people only met the version from the school canteen, which is too dry. If it is properly made from veal, it is just perfect.

Túró Rudi

Most foreigners hate it when trying it for the first time, and perhaps, even after that. Unless they are Russian because Hungarians stole the recipe from them in the first place.

Photo: Wikicommons by Gargaj / Conspiracy

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