Kalocsa, Paks, bridge, Danube, Hungary
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The investors are being searched for regarding the construction project of the 1,133 meters long bridge between Hungarian towns Paks and Kalocsa to be connected to motorway M6.

Komárom danube bridge hungary
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Magyar Építők reported that another bridge over the Danube would connect these two Hungarian towns in the future. The project was born in April 2019 and aims to make traffic faster and more convenient for drivers in the future.

The monumental 1,133 meters long bridge (originally 1,080 meters) officially got the permission to be built.

The 2×1 road bridge would allow a 90 km/h traffic between the two Hungarian towns. The structure of the bridge will consist of steel and concrete as well.

Alongside the bridge the region would get a 25 km long brand-new road system with new junctions, renovated junctions, allowing drivers to get from one point to the other faster. The project also includes the renovation of the 5 km long road system of the region.

The building of the bridge would take approximately 26 months, and the first steps of the construction would start autumn.

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Source: www.magyarepitok.hu

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