Press release – Attila Bíró head coach of the women’s national team hosting the 17th FINA World Championships announced the names of those 18 players who will be involved in the preparations for the World Championships.

Six members of the UVSE champion team feature the preliminary roster of the Hungarian team which finished 9th after playing the Netherlands, Japan and France in Kazan, then they claimed European Champion title in Beograd and were ranked 4th in Rio.

Three goalkeepers will be involved in the preps for the world championships under the leadership of Attila Bíró. The roster includes Dóra Antal and Anna Illés, who study and play water polo in the US. The roster includes Dorottya Szilágyi and Gréta Gurisatti from the team of Dunaújváros in addition to previous key members but Rebecca Parkes – invited specifically for the world championships, experienced played, Barbara Bujka and Orsolya Takács will also be participating in the preparatory training.

The team will begin preparations on 15 May in Somorja, then they will train in Budapest and fly to China. There they will participate in the World League Super Final between 6 and 11 June. The Hungarian Federation is conducting an international tournament in Miskolctapolca featuring the American, Australian and New Zealander teams, too.

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Extended WCH roster of the women’s team:

Goalkeepers: Flóra Bolonyai (BVSC), Edina Gangl (UVSE), Orsolya Kasó (Dunaújváros)

Field players: Dóra Antal (Berkeley, US), Barbara Bujka (Szeged), Dóra Czigány (UVSE), Dóra Csabai (UVSE), Anna Illés (Berkeley, US), Krisztina Garda (Dunaújváros), Gréta Gurisatti (Dunaújváros), Rita Keszthelyi (UVSE), Kata Menczinger (Dunaújváros), Rebecca Parkes (Eger), Noémi Somhegyi (Dunaújváros), Dorottya Szilágyi (Dunaújváros), Gabriella Szücs (UVSE), Orsolya Takács (BVSC), Ildikó Tóth (UVSE)

Women’s teams at the World Championships:

Group A: Italy, Brazil, Canada, China
Group B: New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, USA
Group C: Japan, Netherlands, Hungary, France
Group D: Australia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Greece

World Championships group matches by the Hungarian team:

Sunday, 16 July:

8.10. p.m.: Japan-Hungary

Tuesday, 18 July:

8.10. p.m.: France-Hungary

Thursday, 20 July:

8.10. p.m.: Netherlands-Hungary

Photo: FINA – Budapest2017

Source: FINA – Budapest2017

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