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When it comes to running a business, there are several options for where you can work. You could work from home and hire remote workers, or you could rent a commercial building and share it with other companies. These are both great options for a small startup business, but what happens when you want to expand? You need enough adequate space to meet the requirements of your staff and meet the demands of your customers.

Thankfully, there is one final option that you could choose to do. You can purchase a building that is solely for your company. This way, the size of the building, the style, and location can be taken into consideration a lot more.

Consider the location

Before you find the building that you want to be your new office, you need to start researching locations. Do you want to be in the city? Or would you rather it be further out? Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and it is what works for both you and your staff that will ultimately make that decision.

Location quite often affects the price of buildings too, so bear this in mind. For example, a commercial building in the city centre might cost more than one on the outskirts.

Your budget will, therefore, make an impact on a decision such as this.

Research buildings for sale

Purchasing a commercial building isn’t as simple as putting money down to secure it, you need to evaluate whether the building is suitable for your needs. This is where the help of an estate agent will aid you. You can specify what you want from a building and what price range you want that to be within. They will be able to come back to you with a selection of commercial properties that are currently for sale, which you can view in person.

Always look at the building in person, don’t just rely on pictures online, as there might be problems that you spot that weren’t made aware of before, such as mould.

Redesign an older building

If you are struggling to find a property that is both within your budget and that still takes into consideration your requirements, all is not lost. You could always buy an older but cheaper building and simply redesign it. By purchasing a worn down premise, you will then be able to take full control over the feel and look of your office. Just make sure that you are allowed to make changes before you buy it.

With the money you save, you can put this towards buying better equipment or spending a bit more on the look of your building. Once you have purchased a building, you will be able to move onto the next stage.

There are several things that you will need to put into place to ensure a great outcome.

  • Prepare the area

Revamping a building might include knocking it down and starting from scratch. It could also mean knocking down a few walls. Whatever you choose to do, you still need to prepare the area so that it is safe for the public walking nearby. Start by hiring temporary fences from a company, such as Hire Rite, who offer fences for companies and individuals. They will provide enough fencing to go around the perimeter of your building, which will ensure safety.

The high-quality hand-welded steel fences are ideal for commercial construction sites, and with the option of extra security, you can ensure safety 24 hours a day. 

  • Hire an architect

To make the entire process easier, you need to hire the right experts to help at each stage. An architect is one crucial expert you will need, especially if you are knocking down the building. Sit down and discuss exactly what you want. For example, maybe an open plan office is ideal for your business, but you want a separate room for relaxing and eating. If you explain this to them, they will be able to find a solution that still makes the building safe. 

  • Work with an interior designer

If you have no design experience at all, designing your building will be difficult.

While it’s easy to splash some paint on the walls and throw furniture in, interior design is more than that. It is about coordinating everything and creating a vibe that will stem productivity.  However, a professional designer will be able to help at this stage and rein you in a bit. You don’t want to have a building that looks amazing on the outside but is an explosion of colours on the inside.

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