These little villages are hidden gems on the map of Hungary. Their beautiful scenery and cosy atmosphere are well worth a trip.

Unfortunately, despite their beauty, not many people settle down in these villages, and they constantly have to fight for their survival, reports Femina.

Let’s take a look at some of the calm and quiet villages.


This village has 31 inhabitants and is located next to the Aggtelek Karst, in a unique environment. The main attraction is the church from the Árpád era.



At just 39, so few people inhabited this little village that it was incorporated into Hosszúhetény, the neighbouring town. It is still a great destination since it has a castle, arboretum, and even a holy well.



Populated by 54 people, this little village is often overshadowed by its neighbour, Hollókő. However, its beautiful scenery, traditional Hungarian houses, and church are worth a trip.

hungarian village
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Probably the smallest village of all is Szanticska, with a population of 7. It was recently attached to another small village of 56.



Another village located near Aggtelek with traditional Hungarian houses and a lovely church, with a population of only 24, is Tornakápolna.



89 people inhabit this village, famous for its Saint Anna round church built in the 13th century.



A hundred people populate this village with a charming chestnut forest. It is also the birthplace of painter József Egri.

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Döröske is inhabited by 79 people, and it has a church from the Árpád era as well as a fishing lake.



Located on the northern shore of Lake Balaton, this village is populated by 65 people. Among hikers, it is famous for its mineral water source.



25 people live in this village, located in Baranya County. Its attractions include a compelling church, a fishing lake, and the well of King Matthias.


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