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Tibor Ambrus, the mayor of the Hungarian village Csopak, shared his idea on his official social media site. 

Csopak is a village in Veszprém county, Hungary at Lake Balaton. It is famous for its wine, usually and traditionally made of olaszrizling (grape type). The beach of Csopak is also renowned; some parts of it are covered with sand. The village has a wine festival in August, with folk music and tasty Hungarian food made by the inhabitants.

VEOL reported that Ambrus makes disinfectant out of the famous Hungarian drink with 80% alcohol and gives it to the health workers of the village. He spared a few bottles to celebrate when the pandemic ends. The mayor received many bottles of pálinka from his friends and decided to use some of them for a good cause. 

"Nem tudom, hogy ez az egész itt micsoda, de azt tudom, hogy az a dolgunk, hogy valahogy átsegítsük egymást rajta."…

Zveřejnil(a) Tibor Ambrus dne Neděle 22. března 2020

Many of us ask ourselves the question: is pálinka an effective medicine for diseases?

Most of the scientists state that alcoholic beverages cannot be healthy for people. Biologically, to destroy infections inside our immune system, the alcohol level of our blood should be at least at 70%, which is absolutely impossible and extremely dangerous for everyone to try out. 

Even an 0.4% alcohol level inside our blood can be fatal. 

Moreover, it is unnecessary to drink alcohol if you are sick or have some kind of disease. Once the alcohol reaches the stomach, the organ waters it, and it loses its effectiveness besides the alcohol damages the stomach’s mucosa, which could lead to serious illness. 

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5% of the alcohol molecules are absorbed in our mouth while another 20% inside our stomachs. The liver continues the procedure and dissembles the rest of the alcohol. 

Source: www.veol.hu

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