Public transportation has changed rapidly since the coronavirus epidemic broke out in Hungary not just when it comes to the schedules but also in the way we travel. Wearing masks is mandatory while gloves are only suggested, the front doors on buses and trolleybuses remain closed, and we must keep the distance as much as we can from other people.

Balaton Shipping Company Catamaran
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Forbes reported that trains and regional buses transferred passengers with schedules available during the summer season during the school holiday. As the restrictions have been eased, it is time to get the old system back on track again. Companies aim to create a system flexible enough to adjust to sudden changes. Before creating, each of them measures the abilities of the Hungarian road and railway system and create a new method to make travelling more efficient as well as safer.

The renovation projects of the Hungarian railways continue during the epidemic. Therefore, the Hungarian state would like to boost the efficiency of regional buses in the future.

At the beginning of June, all major Hungarian bus companies will announce their plans regarding the new methods and measurements of travelling by bus. Not only new measurements in the way of travelling would be announced, but brand-new schedules Hungary has never had before would also be introduced. The so-called “epidemic schedules” aim to protect Hungarian passengers with new regulations and rearranging the time management of buses and later trains. 

The new schedules will be announced in several steps, starting from this summer until the end of the epidemic. 

Featured image: Alpár Kató / Daily News Hungary


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