The said, Foreign Minister Vesna Pusic and Economy Minister Ivan Vrdoljak said in Dubrovnik on Friday that relations between Croatia and Hungary were much broader and more important than the INA-MOL dispute and that the issue would be resolved only after the Hungarian oil company came out with an official position on the matter.

“Relations with Hungary are extremely important, in particular in the context of regional cooperation in energy,” Vrdoljak said in response to questions from the press at the end of a two-day conference, the Croatia Forum, in Dubrovnik. “Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said a similar thing, that relations with Croatia are much more important to him than INA’s status,” he added.

Pusic is due to meet with Hungarian Foreign Minister Janos Martonyi in Budva, Montenegro, in the evening. “Martonyi and I have been working together for a long time and we will meet at a conference in Montenegro this evening after he cancelled his attendance at the Croatia Forum following a decision by the Hungarian government,” she said.


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