A continuous course of survey shows that 20 mg of alcohol per day proves to be good for your health: those who drank an average of this amount lived two years longer compared to those who did not drink alcohol at all. Beer and wine are good for our immune systems, as they contain minerals and vitamins and they also help our organism in fighting viruses due to their high antioxidant concentration.

Regular, but moderate beer and wine drinking helps preventing crust formation in the arteries, this way it may decrease the development of heart-attack by 50%. Wise alcohol consummation also rises the level of HDL (good) cholesterol and decreases the level of the harmful LDL cholesterol. What is more, alcohol is also good for the blood circulation.

Magyarvagyok.com reminds us that only moderate alcohol drinking is beneficial to our health, excessive alcohol consumption is harmful! Studies show that vital minerals and vitamins combined with alcohol increase the electrolyte content, the activity of enzymes, the hormone level, the formation of blood corpuscles and the muscular and metabolism activity in our bodies.

It is now a widely known fact that the anti-oxidant level in one litres of beer equals that of 4-5 portions of fruit. A volume of one jug of beer reduces the probability of kidney stone formation by 40%. A group of doctors from Milan suggest that beer is the most inexpensive substance that may be used for kidney-stone prevention. An average beer contains only 40 calories and 4% of alcohol, which means that moderate alcohol drinking does not lead to obesity.

Certain types of beer, red wine and palinka prove to be a natural cure for many medical conditions. Hop is known for as a herb for centuries, and certain beers contain the same amount of folat (B9 vitamin) as 100 gramms of broccoli or half a kilo of tomatoes.

Hop can be found in herb tea mixes, as it is a natural tranquilizer, and helps digestion. This basic ingredient of beer can also be used as a sleep-inducer as well.

Red wine helps fighting arteriosclerosis and a glass of this beverage every day reduces the risk of heart attack by 15%. Ingredients of wine help people suffering from insulin resistance, a slow metabolism, a fast heart rate or a heart condition. Magyarvagyok.com adds, that only 1,5-2 deciliters of red wine does not induce addiction, and does not damage liver or brain functions either.

Palinka is a strong alcoholic drink, with its 40-50% alcoholic content. In Hungary, the traditional way of drinking palinka is in the morning, before having breakfast. This is quite unhealthy, as it harms the stomach. The ideal timing of drinking strong alcoholic drinks is after meals, as the alcohol is absorbed better this way. Palinka may cure cold efficiently, as it is known for its sterilizing effect, cough and horseness and even high blood pressure can also be cured with a little palinka.

based on article of magyarvagyok.com
translated by Laura Kocsis

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