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”Detroit Rock in Budapest”, ”Hungarians play MC5” – What?!? … well, if you’ve been here for a while you happen to know that Hungary has the finest Tribute bands in Europe. Just think of The Bits (The Beatles), or Kiss Forever Band (Kiss). Delirium Falcon plays MC5 and the best of Detroit Garage and Underground. We met the guys to let them talk about this exotic musical experience here on the edge of the East.

Strange name for a band!

Strange perhaps in the sense that it is not a straight ”Tribute Band’s Name”. It is just strange enough to remember it and to reflect that we may select from a wider variety and not focus on one band. Tomorrow we may just let the sparkles of Detroit’s music lit our fuses and play our own…but today we are still floating in the energies of MC5 and their cultural heritage.

How come Detroit?

We all had our bands. Funky, blues, rock, progressive name it, but when you are into something you always dig deeper and look for the roots. MC5 is something like that. Simple and straight without much ado. This is how Delirium Falcon just got started – a brief text to a friend: „shall we make music?” And the reply: ”sure”. And than we have exchanged a link on Kick out the Jams as guildine. I don’t even know how Levi (drums) got to this song. You know, in Hungary nobody grows up on MC5 like in the US…I guess. Anyway, their straight simplicity makes clear that this is the root of any modern Rock’n’Roll. No fuss, just musical energies.

So it is not only about MC5?

We try to embrace the legacy of MC5 and play songs from artists that were insipred by them. To start with the Sonic’s Rendezvous Band – a great-great proto-punk journey by Sonic Smith from the MC5. Iggy Pop, The White Strypes and others from the ’90s Detroit underground renaissance. Names from this side of the Atlantics, like The Who or Lemmy who are linked to MC5 with millions of ties.

Isn’t that too much to grab?

Somehow Delirium Falcon’s sound forges all these styles and songs into a homogeneous experience. At gigs it’s just a flow you get into and charges you up. There is not too much to think about. As we told before it is straight and simple, pure Rock’n’Roll.

Next time, when?

27 October at Hunnia Cafe, just come along and see us!

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