(MTI) – The mayor of the village of Felcsut, the prime minister’s home in his childhood years, should publish his wealth declaration, an independent lawmaker of the opposition Dialogue for Hungary (PM) party said on Friday.

Rebeka Szabo told a press conference that voters had a right to know how Mayor Lorinc Meszaros, a gas repairman by profession, had become the country’s 88th richest man, having made 7 billion forints (EUR 22.65m) in just four years.

Szabo said Meszaros, who is a friend of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, had won several state procurements and state land leases in Fejer county over the past few years.

She noted that mayors must prepare a declaration of assets each year. However, these are not published automatically, and the Mayor’s Office of Felcsut has denied requests to access the document, she said. When journalists turned to the local district court, their request was also turned down on the ground that it lacked sufficient reason.

Szabo called on Meszaros not to hide behind the court ruling and disclose his wealth, which, if gained in honest ways, could serve as an example to others.

She added that a local grouping of the opposition E14-PM party would organise a demonstration this weekend to urge the mayor to change his mind.

Photo: parbeszedmagyarorszagert.hu

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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