According recent data released by the National Election Office, more than 60 thousand new Hungarian citizens registered as voters for the spring general election; from Erdely 26,554 and from Voivodina 14,789 new Hungarian citizen checked in with the registry office so far.

Registrations came in from over 50 countries; 678 voters gave German, 555 Hungarian, 290 U.S. and 229 Swiss addresses.

More and more people sign up from Canada, Sweden and Australia as well, but the National Election Office has received registrations from Venezuela, Paraguay, Iceland and Tunisia too.

According to the Electoral Code of Procedure new Hungarian citizens living abroad don’t have to give their home addresses to correspond with the Election Office; it can be any mailing address, even an email address or a fax number is acceptable. So far 16,649 applicants have given email addresses as their contact information.

The National Election Office expects that registration will speed up at the last few weeks before the general election. Office manager Ilona Pálffy said that voting in a letter will be anonymous. Voters from abroad will have to use double envelopes. Personal data will be only on the mailing envelope, which will be thrown away upon arrival.

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