Budapest, March 20 (MTI) – Hungary’s 13 ethnic minorities will probably have each a speaker without voting rights in the next parliament, as the minimum requirement is one valid vote on the minority’s list at the upcoming general election.

Voters wishing to vote on a minority list rather than on any of the political parties, have until Friday afternoon to have themselves registered.

So far, over 15,000 people have registered as Roma voters and nearly 12,000 as ethnic Germans; all other minorities have fewer than 2,000 voters, according to figures from the National Elections Office (NVI). Altogether over 30,000 have registered as voters of an ethnic minority.

Minorities will need an estimated 20,000 votes each to send a deputy with full voting rights to parliament, 25 percent of that of a political party with a national list.

Photo: – Ábel Attila


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