Easter is almost here, and you’re likely to get a few days off from work to relax and enjoy the warm weather. Termalfurdo.hu collected several programmes for those who would like to spend their extra days in one of Hungary’s fascinating baths.

The Zsóry Thermal Bath and Spa in Mezőkövesd is going to be transformed for Easter to show the tradition called Matyó, and even the eggs will be painted in a Matyó style. Everything that is needed to have a great Easter will be in the Spa, and guests will have the chance to see several shows, folklore games, fairs, and participate in an egg searching game.

For those who are going to spend the holiday in the Northern part of the Great Plains such as Hajdúszoboszló or Debrecen, visiting the Hortobágy National Park is a must. Although there are no specific guidelines how peoples of the past celebrated Easter in the Great Plains, the clear water from a shadoof, new-born lambs and goats, foals of wide horses, the twittering of the many different birds  are things that still make a visit worth. There will be special Easter programmes on 26-28 March.

Eger and Egerszalók are among the most popular Easter destinations. The offered programmes in these cities include traditional Easter customs, egg painting and decorating, explanations on how to do egg writing, and other tricks.

Besides having a petting zoo, the Nyíregyházi Zoo has many folklore programmes for Easter Monday, such as traditional sprinkling, street theatre and street market. Different religions will present their respective traditional meals. Those who visit the skanzen (open air museum), can participate in the egg painting and food making process, and they can also collect traditional sprinkling poems.

Budapest will host a tasty gastronomy event: the Lamb Festival. Sheep-breeders from all over the Carpathian basin will participate, there will be a live animal show, and visitors can taste the best Hungarian and foreign lamb meals. Besides meat, lambs’ wool can also be used in a thousand ways. Visit the festival and find out how.

Hollókő is part of the UNESCO World Heritage, which is a guarantee for having a great time. The Hollókői Easter Festival is all about feeling good and relaxing, with folklore programmes, Palóc cuisine, Easter traditions, sprinkling, concerts, and family programmes.

Those who spend the holiday at Hévíz should take a walk in the city to discover all it has to offer during Easter, including toy houses, theatrical and dance shows, concerts and fairs.

The Büki Easter Gaiety provides an excellent opportunity for visitors on Easter Monday to get to know the Easter traditions, do some handicraft, and see traditional wooden toys. For those who spend Easter in Harkány or Siklós, it’s highly recommended to drive to Pécs and visit the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter for interesting Easter programmes and concerts.

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Source: termalfurdo.hu

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