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Traveling by air has always been a form of transportation that has helped multiple business owners from the past. Those who felt like spending less on a flight to and from their destination just for a meeting would most likely choose a normal aircraft, from economy to first class. With today’s pandemic on the rise, there is a health risk, and traveling via air can be a source of not only catching the virus, but also being a carrier that can easily spread from person to person. This is because of the multiple touch points that you may encounter inside the airport but as well as inside the aircraft. Not only that, but also the amount of people you may encounter during your two way business trip. 

Private jets are known to be a form of transportation for the rich and famous as well as CEOs of large companies. CEOs prefer flying a private jet for multiple reasons. Though these people are known to be of older age and can be of much higher risk to the virus, they also consider traveling on a private jet due to its efficiency. A private jet is not only readily available no matter the time you are in need but also safer as private flights have less than 20 touch points compared to a cramped up aircraft with more than 700 touch points. Flying private has its perks, did we mention you can request to drive up to your private jet for maximum safety? As a business owner, it is time to consider flying private too. You can experience this kind of service and safety protocols too. All you need is a trusted flight company and a jet card ready, and you will be in your business meeting in no time! 

Benefits of a Velocity Jets Jet Card

If you are ready to spend more for your own safety, you should research about companies that offer the best benefits for your money. Velocity Jets is one of the largest aviation companies that offer a jet card dedicated to corporate travel with many benefits that will surely interest you. You might be wondering what a jet card is and what it can do. Once you have one in your hands, it might make you feel powerful. Like a true business owner, and maybe even an upcoming CEO. A jet card is a private jet product offered by aviation companies that enables holders to use different aircraft at hourly fixed rates. Many jet providers offer jet cards and have different options that depend on your preference. On a typical jet card, there is a standard charter-based jet card which is the most common, a mileage based jet card that offers different pricing depending on the mileage or distance, and a dynamic priced jet card which offers aircrafts depending on the availability. 

With Velocity Jets, there are multiple benefits offered once you purchase their jet card. Here are to name a few: 

  • Simple and competitive “all-in” hourly rates per aircraft class
  • Guaranteed availability with no peak travel time surcharges
  • Your choice of travel on a light, midsize, super-mid or large cabin aircraft on a trip-by-trip basis with no interchange fees
  • No ground hold or wait time fees
  • Departure time is when you request it
  • Our jet card has no entry or cancellation fees & is 100% refundable
  • Super-mid jet option with guaranteed hourly rates
  • Fuel surcharge included in hourly rates
  • No overnight fees
  • No peak time travel surcharge
  • A personalized program built around your travel requests, patterns, frequently visited destinations and aircraft preferences
  • Multiple aircraft types to choose from

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