Budapest, April 7 (MTI) – Political analysts polled by MTI after the ruling Fidesz party declared victory in Sunday’s general election said it was up to final results in certain districts whether the party would secure a supermajority.

Aron Hidvegi, analyst at Szazadveg, said Fidesz’s victory is noteworthy because it was able to secure unprecedented strong support from a governing position. The left’s strategy had clearly failed, not least because of the attempt to “integrate” DK leader and former prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsany, which prevented renewal on the left, he said. He added that radical nationalist Jobbik party had clearly gained ground from the weakness of the party alliance on the left. The small opposition LMP party’s result above the 5 percent entry threshold is a success, though the party had lost support compared to 2010, Hidvegi said.

Attila Juhasz, analyst at Political Capital, said if Fidesz were to win a two-thirds majority, it would happen while winning fewer votes than in all three previous elections (2010, 2006, 2002). He also noted that this would still depend on the final outcome in districts where the race was tight.

Juhasz said the left’s debacle can be attributed to a lack of steam in the party’s communications and the lack of credible and popular leaders. He added that Jobbik’s results were not a surprise, as the party was able to soak up votes from people disappointed in the government while keeping its camp on board.

One issue in the centre of the upcoming European parliamentary election will be whether Euroskepticism from far right parties would strengthen, Juhasz added.

Photo: MTI


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