It seems like it is time for another scandal contemplating whether a famous international singer plagiarised the tunes of a Hungarian musician’s work. This time, Enrique Iglesias and his Norwegian colleague Matoma are accused of ripping off Jolly Sandro a.k.a. Zoltán Tarcsi in their song entitled “I Don’t Dance (Without You)”.

Jolly Sandro and his lawyer appeared on Hungarian television to explain that Enrique Iglesias’s 2018 song is a bit too similar to his 2017 song called “Bűbáj és csáberő” (loosely translated as “Charm and Seductiveness”) for it to be an accident. According to Index, they appealed to a panel of experts and are waiting for their decision at the moment.

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Jolly Sandro explained that he is not simply after the money that he would get after such a popular song. He is honoured that he inspired Iglesias and Matoma and simply wants some credit for the song and be listed among the songwriters. This would also open new doors for him in his career. In a Facebook post, he wrote the following:

“Finally a global hit by a Hungarian artist, the only problem is that the performers of the song failed to ask for my permission: in this case, these are Enrique Iglessias and fellow performer Matoma. Unfortunately, this forced me to take legal steps on the advice of my lawyer, considering serious money comes with a global hit.”

He also illustrated the similarities with a mashup of the two songs in question:

Unsurprisingly, he had to face some hate comments on social media; however, this does not seem to have fazed him. We cannot wait for what the panel of experts decides.

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