(MTI) – MEPs to be elected in the European election should win respect for Hungarians abroad while the government does the same at home, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said at a Fidesz party rally on Saturday.

Hungary must again fight those who endanger its interests, as “the devil never rests,” he said, addressing a crowd of supporters outside parliament.

“An era with big potentials is outlined before Hungary, but it can only become reality if all battles are fought”

Hungary must not send representatives to Brussels who, in one way or another, bring shame on the country. The “failed left” is always ready to stir things up against Hungary, be it journalists, EU institutions, banks, cartels or multinational companies, he said.

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Neither should we elect representatives who “go head against the wall” and claim that Hungary’s place is outside Europe.

Orban said over the past four years great strength has derived from cohesion and together it was possible to bring Hungary back from the brink of bankruptcy to the developing and acknowledged countries of Europe.

“Hungary has managed to fight off a mentality of defeatism and can finally lift up its head,”

Photo: MTI

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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