(MTI) – Participation in a public debate including Jobbik would not mean cooperation with radical nationalists but rather serve to “reveal an unacceptably extremist” power, E-PM leader Gordon Bajnai said in a letter on Friday.

Bajnai responded to a call by Ferenc Gyurcsany, leader of the Democratic Coalition (DK), who appealed to leaders of E-PM and the Socialists to call off a European parliamentary election debate planned for May 23. Gyurcsany argued that “democratic parties” should broaden their distance from the “far right” rather than weaken their earlier agreed boycott of Jobbik.

In his letter to Gyurcsany, Bajnai said that “a multitude of examples” demonstrated Jobbik’s being an extremist party, and that E-PM and DK were on the same platform of rejecting its policies.

Bajnai also referred to a debate between EP President Martin Schulz and Marine Le Pen, and said that the “policy of boycott is changing”. Participation in the debate with Jobbik would “remove the mask” and reveal a “wolf in a sheep’s clothing”, Bajnai argued in his letter.

Photo: MTI – Zsolt Czegledi

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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