(MTI) – The MEPs of the Fidesz-Christian Democrat co-ruling alliance stressed the importance of enforcing national interests in the European Union on Thursday at an event celebrating International Workers’ Day.

Jozsef Szajer and Kinga Gal called the 21 Hungarian representatives serving as MEPs the country’s “ambassadors.”

Szajer, who said that he would “even team up with” leading opposition MEP candidate Tibor Szanyi to represent Hungarian interests in Brussels, noted that the Fidesz-Christian Democrat list of candidates for the May 25 EP elections is the first to include representatives for all regions with Hungarian communities beyond the borders.

He said his future goal was to push for Hungary’s stronger economic presence in the EU, as well as for eliminating “the invisible borderline” that still exists between the old European member states and the ten new ones admitted 10 years ago.

Kinga Gal emphasised the importance of protecting the interests of minorities, adding that a lot still needed to be done in this area.

She said it was also important to “fight against double standards” applied against Hungary.

Photo: fidesz.hu

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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