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Immigration remains the most important issue for Europe, and the handling of that issue must be entrusted to nation states as the European Union leadership in Brussels is not prepared to stop the trend, the head of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet Office said on public broadcaster Kossuth Radio on Sunday.

Not just Hungarians, but most Europeans are dissatisfied with EU measures against illegal immigration, Antal Rogán said, citing an international survey by think tank Századvég.

Under the Juncker-Timmermans European Commission, one of the most important member states left the EU, while more than 2 million immigrants flowed in, he said.

The unsuccessful integration of these immigrants has led to a security crisis and a heightened risk of terrorism, while more immigrants are massing along the borders waiting to get in, he added.

He said the danger is not past, but could become permanent if left-wing, pro-immigration parties continue to validate their interests in the EU leadership after the May EP elections.

The social democrats, liberals and green parties believe immigration is a fundamental right and their leaders would allow masses of foreigners into Europe, awarding them migrant debit cards and migrant visas, he added.

Rogán stressed that Hungarian voters have the chance to influence European decision-making if the programme of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gets the most support in the European Parliament elections and if the candidates of governing Fidesz win a strong mandate in the EP.

Source: MTI

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