Budapest, May 26 (MTI) – The radical nationalist Jobbik party has managed to meet its goal in the European election, becoming Hungary’s second power, party leader Gabor Vona said late on Sunday, after results were published.

Jobbik won three seats in the next European parliament.

He said one of the important messages of the EP election for domestic politics was that Jobbik is now the second power and that the Socialists have collapsed. It follows that Jobbik can become Fidesz’s challenger — “a great responsibility,” Vona said.

Low turnout is a caution, indicating that Hungarian society does not trust the European Union, he said.

“The success of eurosceptic, euro-realist parties throughout Europe also proves that “all of us would like to have a common Europe but something totally different from what is offered to us now.”

Krisztina Morvai, the party’s top MEP candidate, said Jobbik had been able to produce such results under circumstances in which “the media, the secret services and the prosecution are under direct political control.”

“But hundreds of thousands of people have shown that the Fifties cannot be brought back,” she said.

Photo: MTI – Janos Marjai


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