Budapest, May 10 (MTI) – A record number of nearly 7,200 non-Hungarian European Union citizens who have residence in Hungary have registered to vote in the upcoming European parliamentary elections for Hungarian parties’ EP lists, the National Elections Office (NVI) said today.

The NVI said more than 107,000 non-Hungarian EU citizens with residence in Hungary had been informed by the end of January that they also had the right to vote at the EP elections in Hungary. The deadline for submitting the registrations either in person in the local election office or by mail was 4pm on May 9. Registrations could also be submitted online at

By Saturday morning, the NVI said nearly 7,200 people had registered to vote in Hungary but the figure is not yet final because last-minute applications have not yet been processed.

Non-Hungarian EU citizens who registered to vote in Hungary can still change their mind and vote in their country of origin if they ask to be deleted from the Hungarian register by 4pm on May 15, the NVI said.

At the 2009 EP elections, some 5,600 non-Hungarian EU citizens registered to vote in Hungary and in 2004 nearly 2,000 people.



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