Budapest, May 25 (MTI) – Hungary’s European parliamentary election started at 6am on Sunday. Over 8 million people are eligible to vote so as to elect 21 members to the 751-member European Parliament from candidates featuring on eight party lists in a single-round ballot.

Hungarian citizens staying abroad on the day of the election can cast their ballots at 96 Hungarian diplomatic missions in 72 countries.

Candidates on party lists will qualify to win a seat if votes for their list exceed 5 percent.

The eight parties and party alliances that have presented a list are as follows, in the order of their appearance on ballot papers: Socialist Party, Maria Seres’s Allies, Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance, Homeland Not For Sale Party, Jobbik, Politics Can Be Different (LMP), E-PM, Democratic Coalition.

The 10,386 ballot centres will open at 6am and close at 7pm. It is expected that preliminary results will be announced at around 11pm, when nearly all votes have been counted, except for those cast abroad. The final result is expected to be announced on May 29.

Photo: MTI – Peter Trebitsch


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