According to, escape rooms might be created in Szlovák Elementary School in Szarvas. The Ministry of Human Resources subsided the idea with 72 million HUF (233 thousand Euros). The themes of the escape rooms would be connected to the curriculum and changed during the school year.

Mrs Mátyás Nyemcsok director of the school told MTI that they would create two escape rooms from the four unused rooms in the student’s hostel’s attic.

The plans are being made at the moment, the pupils will possibly be able to use the rooms starting from next year.

One class will use the rooms at least five times a year, according to the plans.

The tasks will be put together based on the curriculum. Juniors can escape the rooms with reading knowledge; the older pupils will need an objective understanding of the material. According to the plans, the groups of 4-6 pupils will not be told beforehand which school material they have to study for the next days, thus inciting them to study for each material.

Besides knowledge, children’s social competences can be enhanced this way, since a team has to work together in order to escape as quickly as possible.

Mrs Mátyás Nyemcsok explained that they cooperate with the three other elementary schools in Szarvas and they want to invite 20-20 pupils from the other schools for an escape game. The rooms can be suitable for competitions in different subjects.

The programme will be closed by measurement of efficiency in two years, but the escape rooms will remain. She added that she does not know about any another escape rooms in an elementary school in the country.

The director claimed that as part of the 72 million HUF support they would initiate the method of project teaching in the school. This is about choosing a topic, which can be, for instance, water or the sun, and all teachers would teach the teaching material connected to this topic.

They would organise a few project weeks, but, if the method works, they will form the whole curriculum accordingly in the future.

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