Budapest, December 20 (MTI) – Hungary fulfils an obligation by “granting asylum” to ethnic Hungarian in Slovakia Hedvig Malina and her family, Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Hungarian communities abroad Zsolt Semjen said late on Thursday.

In a statement sent to MTI, Semjen said Malina’s decision to move to Hungary equals to an indictment against Slovak politics and “the inhumanity of the authorities’ harassments.”

The “harsh and repeated violation of Malina Hedvig’s human rights” has forced her to leave her birthplace, Semjen said. It also represents a warning to “European Union bureaucrats who failed to take even the smallest move in her case,” he added. Hungary is a home to all Hungarians and welcomes Malina with respect, he said.

Malina suffered a beating by two skinheads in the town of Nitra in August 2006 — allegedly due to her ethnicity. Later on, she was charged with providing false testimony.

Malina, who was a 23-year-old student at the time of the incident, took her case to the European Court of Human Rights in November 2007. The Strasbourg court approved the Slovak government’s apology in November 2011. The prosecutor’s office, however, has continued investigation on the ground of false testimony. In December this year, Malina again had to stand a psychology test.

Hungarian daily in Slovakia Uj Szo reported on Friday that Malina had taken Hungarian citizenship and she and her family were moving to Gyor in northwest Hungary in January. Malina, a mother of two, told the paper that she was not fleeing from the prosecution procedure and possible court case in Slovakia just wanted to protect her children from the repeated police harassment she had to endure. She added that she made the final decision after receiving a warrant by policemen in late October to attend a psychological examination.



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