The Hungarian Football Association’s offical page said, UEFA have released details of how many tickets were applied for by Hungarian fans during the recent phase of Euro 2016 ticket sales which closed on Monday this week.

In total, supporters of the Hungarian national team made 111,970 applications for tickets to matches at the 2016 European Championships in France, four times the amount of tickets which have been made available by UEFA for Hungary’s supporters, a total of 29,500 tickets for their three group matches. There were certain ticket categories where the number of applications barely exceeded the amount available while there were other categories which attracted more than ten times the existing number of tickets.

According to, the exact numbers of ticket applications per match:

Austra v Hungary 20,281 applications (allocation: 7,500 tickets) Hungary v Iceland 47,330 applications (allocation: 11,000 tickets) Hungary v Portugal 39,137 applications (allocation: 11,000 tickets)

Unfortunately, it has mistakenly appeared in several places in the national press that tickets bought in the application phase which has just closed can be sold or exchanged in a re-sale platform in spring. In fact, tickets allocated and paid for in this particular phase cannot be returned, sold or exchanged later on. Only those tickets which were bought last summer in the first application phase with the tournament’s matches yet to be known can exchanged.


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