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European Water Polo Championships in Budapest – Team Hungary won silver medal

European Water Polo Championships in Budapest – Team Hungary won silver medal

The Hungarian men’s waterpolo team couldn’t win the European championships title again after 1958, in front of home crowd. Serbia wins men’s European water polo champion’s title. 

Hungary-Serbia 7-12 (1-3, 1-4, 4-2, 1-3)
Goals: Vamos 3, Szivos, Denes Varga, Daniel Varga, Erdelyi 1-1 (Hungary); Gocic 3, Filipovic, Mandic 2-2, Cuk, Pijetlovic, Aleksic, Randjen, Prlaionovic 1-1 (Serbia)

The official website said, Hungary had problems with man-up situations, meanwhile on the other side Serbia did a great job, as well as with the defence. Chisen the best goalkeeper of the tournament, Gojko Pietlovic had a great day by saving 12 out of 19 shots, which is a rate of 63,2%.

Team Hungary won the 3rd quarter by 2 goals so a beam of hope showed up for home team to get back to the game with a huge fight in the last period, but there was no mercy, Serbian players didn’t let it., and used every second of the attacking time to create chances, which was a big mental pressure for Hungary.

In the last quarter Serbia came up with 3 goals in a row, which didn’t let any chance for the opponents to get closer.

Download (5)MTI Photo: Lajos Soos

Team Hungary won silver medal at the European Championships in Budapest. Tibor Benedek led his side to the final in all of his major international tournaments so far a sa coach: 2013 and 2014 World League, 2013 World Chamiponships and 2014 European Championships. After two silvers and a gold, it’s now again a silver to make the medal collection richer.

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Photo: MTI – Tamas Kovacs


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